Putting XMRE Meals Under The Spotlight

MRE ready-to-eat meals can certainly be worth their weight in gold. In a world where natural disasters and national security situations seem to be making the headlines on an increased basis, it is little wonder that we all find ourselves considering whether we are really ‘ready’ to face a disaster in our area.

If you are currently attempting to prepare yourself for such a future situation, one matter which, of course, needs to be secured is your food needs. MRE meals provide an excellent way to ensure you, and those you love, have a nutritious and suitable source of food in such situations.

In fact, MRE meals can also come in very handy when everything is going well in life. If you enjoy taking long walks, hikes and camping trips, MRE meals can be a simple, light and convenient way to make sure your meals are easily covered. Let’s take a look at one source of MRE meals which is more than worthy of our consideration.

XMRE Meals – A Look At The Products

This range of XMRE meals come in a variety of choices. Which product is right for you will very much depend on your personal needs and requirements.

XT Series

Designed as a military grade MRE, yet also suitable for civilians this product has a number of key features. Firstly, you will find full cooked meals without any necessity to add water. Secondly, the packaging is waterproof, durable and lightweight. Finally, there is no need to refrigerate the meal at any time.

Blue Line

This product has been clearly designed to cater for the needs of government institutions, medical facilities, pubic service entities and such like. The calorie provision is between 1,000 and 1,200 and the meal contains an entree, a bread, a snack or side, a dessert and a drink.


This meal choice is ideal for people who want a great MRE that will make their outdoor adventures a little easier. It provides between 600 and 900 calories and provides a lightweight, yet nutritious meal. The high-density water and tamper proof bag make this a good choice for carrying on hiking or other outdoor expeditions.

Halal Meals

This choice meets the Halal standards outlined in Sharia Laws and Regulations. The Halal Meals are all fully cooked and do not require refrigeration. In particular, this range meets the needs of medical facilities, disaster relief programs and emergency preparedness programs.

What Should You Really Expect From A XMRE Meal?

Now that we have outlined the various products available from XMRE meals, you are likely wondering what you can really expect if you choose to order these meals. Let’s get one thing straight from the start; MRE meals are not about winning a gourmet competition for fine dining! Of course, that does not mean that you are not going to enjoy your meal. However, bearing in mind that MREs were created to keep you alive, not provide a sample for Master Chef, will help you to understand what to expect and what not to expect.

So how do XMRE meals hold up? Actually, you may be in for a very pleasant surprise! Let’s take a closer look at what you could expect to feed yourself on in a typical XMRE meal.

An Entree

Normally you are looking at a choice of beef, chicken or a vegetarian option. It should be more than enough to give you an appetite for eating (although if you are at the point of opening an MRE you likely don’t need much work on developing an appetite!)

A Bread Product

Next up you should find some type of bread product. It may be in the form of a cracker, perhaps a normal cracker or even a vegetable cracker. Then again, you may get to enjoy a flour tortilla or other form of soft bread. The bread product is a great addition to the XMRE meals, after all, there is nothing quite like a piece of bread to provide a little comfort as well as a nice full feeling.

A Snack

The snack item comes in a variety of choices. There’s a nut and raisin mix, kind of like a trail mix type of idea, or you might get a fruit mix, a pack of corn nuggets and of course, the list goes on!

A Spread Or Sauce

Imagine the typical sauces and spreads you have in your cupboard and fridge at home and you are likely to get one of them. That’s right it could be good old peanut butter, a creamy cheese spread, a fruit jam or some other tasty spreadable.

A Nutritious Meal

Of course, the choice of meal you get will depend on the product you opt for. As outlined above, XMRE comes in a variety of choices. Take the time to check each of them before making an order. That being said, allow us to whet your appetite by telling you about a few of the potential options:

– Cheese Tortelline
– Beef in Black Bean Sauce
– Chicken Pesto Pasta.

Feeling hungry yet? We thought so! Remember, just because MREs are designed for survival doesn’t mean you need to be miserable when you are eating them. That is one fact that XMRE meals certainly seems to grasp very well!

Don’t Forget Dessert

No meal is complete without dessert. In fact, did you know that dessert can be one of the most important parts of an MRE? Why do we say so? In situations of survival or even a long trek in the forest, it is very easy for morale to fall. Once your spirits are feeling down, it doesn’t take long for a negative attitude to kick in.

That is where dessert comes in. A little taste of something sweet can be just the pick-me-up you needed. Thanks to XMRE meals, dessert is most certainly on the menu! You might be treated with a packed fruit cake, a cookie, a pudding or some other sweet delight.

What Else Do We Especially Like About XMRE Meals?

XMRE meals offer several benefits which you may not find in all MRE meals. Let’s take a look at a few of the ones we especially like.

It’s Not A Freeze Dried Meal!

XMRE meals are fully cooked with the gravy or sauce kept in its natural form within the pack. That means you can enjoy a good meal, straight from the pouch to the mouth!

Heating Is Possible In As Little As 5 Minutes

Whether you choose to use the provided heater pouches or boil the meal in water, within 5 minutes you will have a warm, tasty and nutritious meal to enjoy.

A Homemade Taste

Can anything really beat a good tasty meal that has a home-style flavor? Granted you may not be sitting around the kitchen table when you are tucking into your XMRE meal, but the flavor and taste should at least give you the feeling that you are.

Military Grade Components

MRE meals should always be able to serve the purpose of being a survival food. This would be quite the challenge if the components were made of cheap materials of a low quality. With XMRE meals, U.S military grade components are used to ensure your meal is good to go with you, wherever you happen to be going!

What Are XMRE Meals Ideal For?

Gone are the days when MRE meals were only a thing for the military to make use of. Nowadays, high quality MREs, such as XMRE meals, are ideal in the following situations:

– Emergency situations
– For outdoor adventures
– Episodes of natural disaster
– Planning for preparedness
– Situations were food supply is limited

Since XMRE meals cover such a broad range of situations, it seems that pretty much everyone should be interested in investing in them. Take the time to think about situations and potential scenarios in your own life. Can you foresee a need for XMRE meals? There is every chance you can.

In addition, consider the last time you went camping, hiking or for an outdoor adventure. Did you need to spend a significant amount of time planning your food needs? Not to mention the potential weight and discomfort involved in carrying everything with you. After reading about XMRE meals, including the convenience and ease they provide when enjoying the outdoors, you are likely wondering why you haven’t tried them sooner!

If you are interested in purchasing XMRE meals either for yourself alone or also to include others, take the time to research the products available. While each product is of high quality and provides a tasty and nutritious meal, various benefits and advantages come with each choice. Consider how you plan to use the food, how much shelf life you need and any dietary requirements that you, or others who may enjoy the food, may have. This will help you to make a purchase that is sure to tick all of the boxes, including the one that delivers on great taste!